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We have "status" updates now? Really? I though that's what the journals were for. :facepalm: Come on DA staff this is Deviant Art not Facebook.
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( this is just a brief little rant/observational piece that I wanted to get off my chest so you can ignore this if you like and I won't hold it against you)

Tonight is one of those nights that I can't help but think about just......... the world in general. How it seems like almost every industry has a corrupt and putrid underbelly. How people get their stuff promoted and get other things censored in exchange for money, drugs, or sex, And how various con men and women get away with spewing bullshit. It's disheartening to see and makes me very sad. How even good people when they are trying to do good things get exploited and shot down by people who are just selfish and out for their own gain. What happened to honesty? What happened to self reflection and humility? What happened to being honest about one's self and one's own flaws? There are people in first world countries that are middle class and do not know the REAL meaning of suffering saying they're being exploited and discriminated against in areas where neither of those things are existent  or at least are nowhere near the problem that they seem to think it is Vs many people in other parts of the world who are constantly starving, people who are literally bought and sold as property, and people who are being discriminated against/being treated like shit just because of their gender, their race, or their religion. Every single day humanity gives me more reasons to hate and despise it. More and more reason to wish that I was born an animal because they seem to have more integrity than us so-called "evolved beings". I know not every human being is this corrupt and I am very thankful for that. Otherwise I would not have friends and family who love me and the world would have already died long ago .My family realizes it, my friends realize it, and I realize it. "It" in this case being that we humans are flawed and imperfect. That's how everyone is, and yet there are so many people in the world who seem to conveniently forget that fact and spew things that facts and evidence flat out show to be bullshit and are acting like they're white knights about it all when they themselves don't even follow their own creed and are only perpetuating the corruption they seemingly stand to fight against.

The hubris in humanity has grown to unimaginable levels. People becoming professional victims and conmen instead of actually working honestly for their house and home. Or people in power spreading ignorance in fear rather than doing what they do for the ACTUAL good of the people rather than themselves. People with unimaginable levels of stupidity or are shown flat out to be wrong or lying getting praised as pillars of society or as people for change.

I know I am not anything special, that I'm just some random dude on a random fan art / fan fiction site talking about something that is bothering him and hoping and praying to Almighty God that someone will hear it and either moved by it or inspired to think about it objectively, or hell maybe I'm just completely wrong or crazy.

Thing is, at least there are those among us who are willing to admit that, and there are waaaaaay too many people aren't.

Anyway, sorry about spilling all that. Just needed to get some stuff off my chest. I will do my best to try to make my next journal more positive and about good news. Sadly that probably won't be for another long while because my computer went down recently and trying to post a journal from my phone is really

In spite of that and all the reason the bull crap that I talked about earlier in this journal........ I am thankful for the good people I know and for the good in this world that is still here. It's why I get up everyday and muscle on.

In closing, I hope you all have a good night and pleasant dreams.

God Bless.

Till next time,


Brandon James Stoltz
United States
Well as you can plainly tell I am a bit of a nerd.
-Likes: God, Angels, Demons, Anime, Video Games, religion, Green Lantern, history, foreign cultures, power, music, and the ladies of course ;)
-Dislikes: Nasty food, WBC, religious extremism, homophopes, racists, corruption, people getting away with shit, discrimination, etc.
-Country of origin: USA

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Current Residence: South Dakota
Favourite genre of music: Little of everything
Favourite style of art: Anything funny, mythological, beautiful, and did I mention funny?
MP3 player of choice: The one my dad got me. DUH!
Favourite cartoon character: Can't think of one. Too many to choose from.
Personal Quote: Science is how, God is why. (I just heard this on a deviation somewhere on this sight)

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